Eco Prime Vietnam

What we do?

As mentioned, our business covers bamboo, lacquer arts, tea, and ECO good.

Our Mission

Joining hands with thousands of manufacturers, traders, and environmentalists around the world to make this earth liveable for humans for more couple hundred years.

Our vision

We are simple. We aim to become the leading exporter of bamboo and handy-crafts in Asia.


Creative Design

Our creative team brings traditional material into modern design, packed in eco-friendly material of packaging.

Profit to the makers

We maximize the income for those who make great things while keeping the end-user paying reasonable.

Why did we start with Bamboo?

We, as humans, are not planting enough trees. We need more than 1,000,000,000 hectares of forest to consume 2/3 of the carbon amount that humans exhausted in the environment since the year 1800. The planting progress started with the greatest effort from many countries. Among various kinds of trees considered, Bamboo is one of the greatest.

The plastic itself was not a bad thing. Plastic was invented to replace wood consumption, gave humans a reason to leave the trees alone, but the human misused it. Oceans are now full of floating plastic, preventing the sun from reaching the ocean floor. Some of the plastic items are now being replaced with wood material which brings us back to the whole beginning of the replacement. That’s where bamboo comes in.

Bamboo is not the only solution.

Bamboo grows 3 times faster than normal wood trees, consumes more carbon than any of the other trees could do. Fast-growing, fast harvest, bamboo soon became one of the important human material sources, able to provide fiber and fuel to make thousands of different products. They are durable, renewable, and replace many other materials such as PVC, aluminum, steel, and iron. It takes 5-8 years for a bamboo tree to fully grow while a normal oak needs 25-30 years to the first harvest.

The technology now allows us to make bamboo structures as hard-and-solid enough to fully replace wood: tough and dimensionally stable; hardness at up to 4-4.5 on 5-scale. The condensed bamboo structure weighs up to 1,100Kg per cubic meter (while Red Oak normally weighs around 720Kg per cubic meter).

There’re more, a lot more reasons for us to consider bamboo as the alternative to wood that costs us forests. Bamboo is not the only alternative. Scientists and environmentalists around the world are working hard to commercialize replacement. We are just at the first step. Join us!